Discover "paradise island" Cu Lao Xanh

Code: JOYQN01
Duration: 1 day
Transport: Cars 7-16 seats & high-speed canoe
Type: From 5-15 guests/group
Route: Cu Lao Xanh Island

Discover the panoramic view of Cu Lao Xanh Island, which is famous for its pristine beauty and check-in at the lighthouse over 100 years old in Vietnam

Detailed schedule

With an area of ​​about 400 hectares, Cu Lao Xanh is famous for its pristine beauty and colorful coral reefs. This place owns one of the 5 lighthouses over 100 years old in Vietnam, with the architectural beauty of a harmonious combination between the East and the West, and many other interesting attractions, exploration tours. Cu Lao Xanh - Quy Nhon Island only costs VND 750,000/pax.

-    7h30-8h00: Pick up at the pick-up location (Quy Nhon fishing port). Departure to Cu Lao Xanh Island *

-    8h00-8h30: Explore Cu Lao Xanh Island

-    8h30-9h30: Explore the Lighthouse

-    9h30-10h00: Visit the flagpole of the sovereignty of Cu Lao Xanh island

-    10:00 am-11:00: Visit Thao Nguyen stone beach

-    11:00-12:00: Check-in and free swimming at Cu Lao Xanh Picnic Area

-    12h00-14h00: Have lunch, relax and prepare for the afternoon itinerary

-    14h00-15h30: Explore Coral Beach

-    15h30-16h00: Transfer canoes to Quy Nhon. End of the journey, drop off at the pick-up point.

Location introduction

Picnic area and beach at Cu Lao Xanh

Cu Lao Xanh (Nhon Chau Island) also known as Van Phi Island is located near Xuan Dai Bay, Nhon Chau Commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province. With charming scenery, picturesque beaches and peaceful views to the north, this is an ideal place to see Cu Lao Xanh Pier, Hoan Bang Cape, and the embankment. Moreover from here, you can admire giant rocks stacked on top of each other, lying on the coastal hills like challenging gravity, creating incredible scenes unique to Cu Lao Xanh.

Picnic area and beach at Cu Lao Xanh


Lighthouse - Cu Lao Xanh

Lighthouse - Cu Lao Xanh

Lighthouse - Cu Lao Xanh is also compared to the "God's eye" of the sea, aged over 100 years old with the harmonious combination of East-West architecture. Built during the French colonial period, it not only represents the history of Nhon Chau island but also stays as the breath and the pride of many generations there.


National Flag Towers at Cu Lao Xanh

Being a part of the project to build National Flag Towers on 7 frontal islands by Central Vietnamese Students' Association in 2014 with 1,200m2 in the area and 22.66m in height, Cu Lao Xanh Maritime Sovereign Flag Tower stands as a pride of local people and an unmissable destination for tourist to Binh Dinh.

National Flag Towers at Cu Lao Xanh


Thao Nguyen rocky beach

Thao Nguyen rocky beach

On the way to the south of Cu Lao Xanh, visitors will encounter a large rocky beach with numerous adjacent stones of different natural shapes and colors. All create a poetic natural scenery that local people affectionately call Thao Nguyen Rocky Beach.


Coral Beach

At Cu Lao Xanh, there are many small beaches, suitable for interesting experience activities that visitors cannot miss when coming here, which is diving to watch the coral reefs of diverse colors and shapes, with living in harmony with aquatic species. In particular, there are quite a lot of services to meet the needs of underwater experience for visitors such as Snorkeling floating dive, or deep-sea diving service with scuba expert accompanying. Whichever method you choose, make sure not to miss the opportunity to participate in conquering the ocean world, immersing yourself in the clear blue water, watching the beautiful creatures swimming under the sea.

Coral Beach

 Package tour price: 750.000VND / person * including:

- Join the scuba diving to see the basket boat

- Equipping life jackets, diving goggles

- Round-trip high-speed Cano meets international standards

- Lunch with 08 seafood dishes

- Fruit, mineral water, lemonade, cold towel

- Freshwater bath on the island

- Tram ride around the island

- Service fee upon arrival

- Lighthouse to visit the Lighthouse

- Experienced HDV team and boatman are on duty during the time of coral diving and sightseeing on the island

- Travel insurance: 20,000,000 VND / person

The expenses above do not include:

- Beer and soft drinks during the trip

- Entrance fees are incurred during the trip

- VAT charges


Tour price for children (by year of birth):

- Under 5 years old: Free for the 1st child who will go with 2 adults, the 2nd child will be charged 50% of the tour price for adults

- From 5 - 10 years old: 50% of the tour price for adults

- Over 10 years old: 100% of the tour price for adults


Fresh seafood menu 250,000 VND/part:

- Sweet and sour steamed fish

- Seaweed soup

- Steamed squid with coconut water

- Grilled shrimp

- Grilled oysters

- Seafood hotpot

- Nhon Chau grilled fish

- Sea crab or synthetic snail

- Fruit and iced tea

Book tour:

- Customers, please deposit 50% of the tour price with information:

- Account Holder:

- Account number:

- Bank:

- Syntax: Full name_Group inclusive / Independent traveller_ Tour time_phone number / Email

- The tour will be confirmed as successful registration and reserved when you receive a confirmation message from Joy Travel via phone

- The remaining amount will be paid on the day of the tour


- For groups: the time can be flexible to meet the needs of customers

- For retail customers: register according to the group's schedule

- If guests need to pick up at any pickup point, please notice before 1 day

- Guests who are vegan please announce 1 day

- Price does not include VAT

- For children under 5 years old, please prepare your food, sightseeing tickets (if any) and related issues

- Joy Travel is responsible for informing customers about changing tour schedules and menus (for groups) due to weather and peak seasons.

- In cases the weather is not suitable like storms, floods, rough seas, etc., We will depend on the actual situation and the convenience and safety of customers, Joy Travel will proactively notify if the tour is delayed or canceled. We will refund to customers within 24 hours before departure.


Regulations on the case of cancellation and compensation of tour:

- 05 days: no compensation required

- From 03 to 05 days: 50% of the total value of the tour

- From 01 - 03 days: 70% of the total value of the tour

- Within 24 hours before departure: 100% of the total value of the tour 

Tổng thanh toán: 825.000 VNĐ

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