Roaming With Your Motorbike On Two Breathtakingly Scenic Roads Of Phu Yen

Roaming With Your Motorbike On Two Breathtakingly Scenic Roads Of Phu Yen

If you are a truly backpacker, enjoying the feeling of conquering the roads by motorbike. Or even if you are just the guys and girls who are passionate about exploring new emotions, and have a great sense of beauty, then, you must definitely discover these two beautiful paths when coming to Phu Yen.

Phuoc Tan - Bai Nga:

The coastal route connecting the industrial parks of Hoa Hiep 1, 2, 3, Tuy Hoa airport and Vung Ro seaport is considered a key project of Phu Yen. The beautiful and smooth sea road, going through many famous places such as Phu Lam beach, Goc beach, Mui Dien lighthouse, Mon beach, Vung Ro bay, Ca mountain pass ... This road is known as one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam. You will be overwhelmed by the grandeur and dreaming of this road. The whole street is like a long strip of silk, with one side of the mountains, the other is the murmuring blue sea. It will surely bring you a better experience for a motorbike trip or bus trip to capture the poetic beauty of the road.

Tuy Hoa - Da Dia Reef:

About 35km to the North from the city, if travelling by motorbike, it only takes about an hour to get there. So if you want to see the beauty of this route, you should start going there at around 7 o'clock. If in the summer, go as early as possible because in the afternoon it is quite hot in the Central. Going in the early part of the dry season is quite nice because there is no rain, the weather is nice and dry.

There are two paths leading from Tuy Hoa to Ganh Da Dia. The first option is a coastal road and the second is 1A Highway, but in our opinion, you should not follow 1A Highway but you should follow the coastal road, the whole road stretches very wide, flat asphalt and the scenery on both sides of the road is very beautiful. The road in Tuy Hoa is very beautiful, the more you go, the more comfortable you feel, the feeling is the same as going around the northern coastal village.

The interesting thing of this route is that it is very easy to go, and the landscape will constantly change in your sight, from plains, hills, bays to the long seaways. When walking on this road, you will come across beautiful shimmering places of Bac Phu Yen palace such as: Xep beach, O Loan lagoon, Da Dia disc, Ganh Den ...

If you have the opportunity, don't hesitate to try spending time exploring these beautiful roads in Phu Yen!