Eco-friendly travel tips

Travel Green with Joy Travel using 6 simple tips

Environment-friendly tourism, green tourism, zero waste tourism ... are no longer strange concepts for Vietnamese youth. Although the use of plastic products cannot be completely abolished, tourists can minimize the negative impact on the environment with extremely simple tips below!


1 / Bring your personal water bottle

Pick up a habit of bringing your personal water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles. Using metal or glass water bottles is a way for young people to both renovate their style and protect the environment very well.

However, make sure you choose the quality products from credited stores or imported through official channels to avoid products unsafe for your health.


2 / Reduce the use of plastic straws

You can try to limit the use of a straw when it is not necessary. Besides, you can use straws made from environment-friendly, biodegradable materials like alfalfa and flour. Alternatively, you can bring your personal straws made from such reusable materials as bamboo, wood and inox. Just clean the lumen with a brush after use.


3 / Use public transport 

Choosing transportation is also an important issue if you want to travel in an environment-friendly way. Public transport is the most useful because it limits the generation of carbon emissions from private vehicles. In addition, traveling by public transport will bring you many opportunities to interact with local people and learn about the culture.


4 / Try local food instead of packaged food

Try local food instead of buying packaged foods, which will reduce your consumption of packaging and plastic and is a chance to discover the local culinary culture.


5 / Select environment-friendly products


When traveling to the coral sea, be mindful of chemicals in detergents and sunscreen because they can be harmful to coral reefs. So use biodegradable soap and eco-friendly sunscreen to make sure your trip will be a  green and clean memory.


6 / Stay clean wherever you go

First, keep your destination clean by being aware of how to put garbage in the bins. 

Besides, if your destination is littered, don't hesitate to clean it up. Even such a small action will make the place you visit much more beautiful.