Bai Xep - a beautiful harmony of nature

Under the blue sky of the South Central region, following the long road between the casuarina forest straight, the rice fields are turning yellow, you will encounter the landscapes of Nẫu region - Bai Xep. This is a beach in An Chan commune, about 10 km north of Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen.

With a coastline of only 500 meters long, Bai Xep owns a harmonious natural landscape, featuring golden sand and clear water, next to pristine rocky beaches, all shades of color. The sky was beautiful and quiet, making it easy to create a feeling that there was no trace of anyone walking back and forth.

Coming here, you will readily see giant black rock rapids jutting into the sea with meadows as well as boundless casuarina forests. The rocky cape on the right looks like a smooth green grass hill with a flat surface. As waves hit the shoreline with spattered white foam up to several meters high, the marvelous harmony of nature will make you find difficult to refuse a little interesting and enchanted in emotion. Zooming further towards the edge of the abyss, they are the spread cactus bushes, which interspersed with different wild plants that hard to name.

With full of the characteristics of a beautiful beach, Bai Xep also contributed to the beautiful scenes in the movie "I see yellow flowers on the green grass" and became one of the tourist attractions in recent years.