Book tour

Does Joy support to book the tour and how will the information be confirmed?
When booking, any information needs to be provided and is there any difference between booking individually and in groups?
Is it possible to change the tour, departure time or tour schedule? If possible, how can we do that?
Is there any extra cost need to pay if changing the tour, departure time or tour schedule?
Is it possible to cancel a tour or transfer it to another person? If so, is there a charge or not?
In case of having special requirements such as changing a part of the schedule, changing dishes in menus, ... what I need to do?

Book a stay

Does Joy support lodging and how will the information be confirmed?
When booking, what information should be provided?
Is there a fee to switch the room I booked to another room?
If I want to cancel a reservation, will there be any cost?
Are Joy Travel's visitors eligible for a discount if booking at Joy House?
If there are special requirements such as having a wheelchair user, wanting to change a room with windows, changing check-in time, check-out,... do I need to notify in advance?

Book a move

How to book the transportation?
Where can I receive the transportation? Does Joy provide vehicles or not?
Is it possible to change my transportation during the rental period?
Does the transportation have insurance? In case of meeting the police, or unfortunately, who will take the responsibility?
What if I want to cancel a reservation?


How to pay?
Does Joy issue an invoice?
What is the minimum transfer required to hold the service?
What if I have transferred but lost the proof of transfer?
" If after booking tour but cancel the tour, will there be a refund? If so, how will refund?"

Pickup at the airport

Does Joy support airport transfer?

Travel insurance

Does Joy have travel insurance?


Offer for loyalty

Privacy policy of customer information

Privacy policy