A meaningful Coastal Cleanup Activity by Joy Travel

A meaningful Coastal Cleanup Activity by Joy Travel

"Live Green" is a popular trend emerging among Vietnamese youngsters these days, especially those living and working in big cities where a day without a facial mask is unthinkable. Though not a big city, Phu Yen is also seeing this trend strongly supported and spread in the youth.


While in many places community work is not yet popular and volunteers are deemed as meddlers, the image of young people cleaning up beaches on weekends has become so familiar in Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province. Initially, most of them did not receive support from the family and the people around them. Yet over time, on seeing the benefits this action can bring to the community, more and more volunteers are participating. Not only is this activity strongly supporting the movement towards a green lifestyle, but it also plays an important part in shaping a responsible way of living among Phu Yen youth.


With a view to spreading the “Live Green” trend all over Phu Yen and in celebration of the World Environment Day, on the morning of October 6, Joy Travel Company cooperated with the Youth Union of Phu Yen University to organize the CleanUp activity "Cleaner beach - More joyful trip". The activity took place in Phu Tho 1 Quarter, Hoa Hiep Trung Town, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen with the participation of more than 50 young people.

The beach is so crowded with restaurants that dealing with the huge amount of waste here posed a big challenge to volunteers. However, with their enthusiasm and great support from local people, the garbage patch has been neatly handled, recovering the beauty of a clean beach.


Joy Travel believes that the beauty of Phu Yen is a priceless endowment of mother nature and we hold the responsibility to protect it. Hence, Joy Travel been and will always accompany the youth in keeping Phu Yen green and clean.